Sunday, 17 May 2015

23rd May 2015

During Week 5 we will be focusing on celebrating Turtles and creating awareness about Endangered Turtles.

The Enviro Monitors will be running mini lessons and games:

Monday Lunch - Pin the shell on the Turtle (just like pin the tail on the donkey)

Monday class lesson - creating 3D Turtles using foam, paint, glue, vivid 

Tuesday Lunch - Create paper Turtle
Tuesday class lesson - create turtles using technique of weaving

Wednesday Lunch - Find the missing turtle eggs
Wednesday class lesson - Create paper turtles looking at patterns and shapes  

Thursday class lesson - Use paint techniques to create Turtles

A new year - 2015

So far this year we have...

- Organised our recycling bins so that the whole school is involved with the correct disposal of their waste.

- Waste Free Wednesdays to encourage children to bring in lunches with no litter.  We also inspire those that still bring plastic in their lunches.

- Created 2 different groups, one group are the gardeners and the other is our advertising and marketing group.

- Focused on Sea week Term 1 and Turtle Day for Term 2.

- Our own class lessons using arts and crafts to help children make better decisions.

- Created posters, slide shows and plays that we hope inspire change.

- Planted our Winter crops and hope to start selling the crops at the end of the term.

- Run mini games during lunch times, that have messages behind them.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Making the bug hotel

On Monday some of the year 3's and 4's started making the bug hotel.
Here are some students putting the bricks on.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lizard Lounge

The Year 1’s and 2’s have been learning about New Zealand skinks and geckos during Enviro time. Over the next few weeks we are building the new Lizard Lounge in the Nature Trail, an area to attract lizards to our gardens. The children have helped to design this and have learnt about what makes a great environment for lizards. We are collecting the following for our Lizard Lounge. We would love it if you could donate any of the following….Left over pavers, old logs or firewood, bricks, stones, small rocks or small boulders and corrugated roofing. We are also needing a few plants such as tussock, clematis or climbing rata vines, or tangly plants such as tororaro. Please take to the E-learning room.

Look at the following link for creating a lizard habitat at home!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bug Hotel

In term 2 the year 3s and 4s having been learning about New Zealand insects during their Enviro time. We would like to build a Bug Hotel in our nature trail to create a space where bugs can hang out and nurture relationships. We need to collect things before we make all the different levels. If you have any old or spare metal or plastic tubes, rods, pinecones, bricks, old carpet, straw, sticks, old plates and broken pots please drop them off in the e-learning room. 

Thanks in advance. 
Mrs McKay

Monday, 14 April 2014

Working Bee in the Nature Trail

A big thank you to the fabulous parents, children and teachers who turned up to our Nature Trail Working Bee on the 22nd March.  The Nature Trail was transformed in a matter of hours thanks to the huge amount of work and effort put in.  

Also a big thank you to Elain Addy from Living Earth for providing mulch to go into our Nature Trail as well as giving us liquid compost and garden planner give-aways for our wonderful helpers.

The tidying up of the Nature Trail means the area is more accessible for the children. We can now also concentrate on creating some new projects including planting a wider variety of trees and plants, a butterfly garden and lizard hotel!

Making Bird Feeders

How to Make a Bird Feeder

The Year 1 and 2's have been learning about different ways to attract birds into the garden.

Some of the things birds needs are food, shelter and water.

We made some fruit kebabs from banana, orange and pear and hung these in the Nature Trail. We have been hoping some Native Birds might stop by!

For more ideas on bird feeders to make for your garden check out the below link!