Thursday, 13 February 2014

Willowbank’s Waste Free Wednesdays!

At Willowbank School we have no rubbish bins, only worm bins in the playground.  Any landfill rubbish has to go home.

As part of our Enviro Schools approach we actively encourage litterless lunches. Litterless lunches are lunches which do not have any litter such as glad-wrap, plastic or foil wrappers because these are not recyclable or reuse-able. Instead we suggest plastic reusable containers, paper towels or lunch boxes with compartments so that there is no waste created.

By promoting this we reduce the landfill rubbish we create and also encourage everyone to think about the rubbish we are creating. We also believe people will start to think about what they are buying, for example things like small chippie packets are expensive, with lots of waste and little food value. It would be cheaper to buy in bulk.

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