Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Willowbank's Worm Bins!

Through Enviro Studies the Willowbank children have been learning about what the Willowbank Worms find Yummy and Yucky! The children have been visiting the worms in the large worm bin found in the Nature Trail. This is where all the worm bins get emptied twice a week to feed our worms.

We have learnt that the worms like food like fruit and vegetables. This includes apple cores, bananas, pears and carrots, cucumber, tomatoes etc. They even like torn up paper, newspaper and eggshells. Our worms don't like plastic bags, yoghurt containers, glad wrap or any kind of rubbish. They also don't like citrus, meat, onion, garlic or bread.

Gabby Whitwell, Rm 11, spotting a Willowbank Worm in the Worm Bin.

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