Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lizard Lounge

The Year 1’s and 2’s have been learning about New Zealand skinks and geckos during Enviro time. Over the next few weeks we are building the new Lizard Lounge in the Nature Trail, an area to attract lizards to our gardens. The children have helped to design this and have learnt about what makes a great environment for lizards. We are collecting the following for our Lizard Lounge. We would love it if you could donate any of the following….Left over pavers, old logs or firewood, bricks, stones, small rocks or small boulders and corrugated roofing. We are also needing a few plants such as tussock, clematis or climbing rata vines, or tangly plants such as tororaro. Please take to the E-learning room.

Look at the following link for creating a lizard habitat at home!

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