Sunday, 17 May 2015

A new year - 2015

So far this year we have...

- Organised our recycling bins so that the whole school is involved with the correct disposal of their waste.

- Waste Free Wednesdays to encourage children to bring in lunches with no litter.  We also inspire those that still bring plastic in their lunches.

- Created 2 different groups, one group are the gardeners and the other is our advertising and marketing group.

- Focused on Sea week Term 1 and Turtle Day for Term 2.

- Our own class lessons using arts and crafts to help children make better decisions.

- Created posters, slide shows and plays that we hope inspire change.

- Planted our Winter crops and hope to start selling the crops at the end of the term.

- Run mini games during lunch times, that have messages behind them.

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